Wilky – So pleased to be back

Watercolour classes started today. I now have both online and face to face classes in local halls in and around Stafford. It is a new way of doing things, but it is not all bad.
It is much easier to see demonstrations with the use of a projector, that has to be a plus and it also means – no getting too up close……….

And there is more news – we have been really busy:

We were invited to Sugnall Walled Garden to do some urban (or rural) sketching on Saturday 5th September. This was an honor as it was not expected and has become our official inaugural meeting. There was the ‘have to have coffee’ before we got going and Kerry came up with an ice breaker to get rid of the nerves and make sure we got to speak to those we had not met before.

The showdown proved what a great time everyone had had – no rules, sketch book and pen – or add some colour. Sit where you want, with whom you wish or on your own. We did try to keep to the Urban Sketching format and complete the picture on site. See for yourself.

If you would like to find out more about classes, either on line or face to face or become part of the urban sketching group – click the button below and send me a message.
Happy Painting

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