What’s in a commission

It’s really hard when you are asked to do a painting but the subject is left vague. This is a situation I have found myself in. Accepting the commission seemed a good idea at the time.

Some time passed and requirements were narrowed down. Now there are photos and photos. What seems like an excellent photo to use as reference material quickly becomes quite useless the minute you pick up a pencil.

This is the position I found myself in at the beginning of lockdown. The painting had to be my very best, and it had to impress. It was not that I didn’t want to do the painting, I just couldn’t – there was a block. I had used up all the excuses I could think of.

Lockdown was lifting and I still felt terrified and inhibited by the need to excel. I knew that if only I could get to grips with a composition I would be on my way.

This week I told myself it was D-Day and it could no longer be put off.

It is easy to hand out advise, not so easy to follow it. I decided to share the journey with you, step by step.

I did the drawing; poured over every inch of the line drawing looking for something that might look wrong once it was painted. This is important when using 2 or more photos taken at different times and places.

The photos are not the ones given to me, but ones that I hoped would work.

I gave myself time every day this week – first thing before my brain got filled with day to day trivialities. At last I was on a roll, looking forward every morning to time with my Impalas.

Many will have heard my moto – I say it all the time – the minute I lift a pencil/brush it is my painting…………

I have been getting to know my Impala, weaving a story around them. The thread has grown and the painting now has a name. ‘Blind Date’

Blind Date is not yet complete and the story continues in my head. I am not repeating the story as it has played out in my head. That would give away secrets shared between me and the two impala.

I will however share with you the end result when it is complete. I have a date with the impalas tomorrow morning.