We’re Going Home

because that’s the best thing to do right now – AA Milne, Winnie the Pooh

Walking, Walking, Walking we are doing a lot of that.
Why is it that there are fewer hellos and smiles as the tiers of lockdown increase?

During the first lockdown there were smiles and always a hello, yesterday walking down the Isabelle Trail into town in struck me that people I passed consciously moved away, looked away and made no eye contact so that they didn’t have to connect.

On my many walks a thought has come to me –

Sheep, birds, cows dont have to self isolate or keep their distance. I wonder if they even know what is going on in the world.
All our dogs know is that we are around more and they are getting more attention.

So going home – its the best place to be right now. Just to remind me that we will have social interaction that is not on zoom – one day – I am going to set a self challenge and paint one of these photos. If you would like to join me and choose one to paint – contact me and I will send you the photo – or choose your own and send it in to inspire others.

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