Weekend Workshops

All workshops are held in a warm, friendly, stress free environment with the emphasis on having an informative, enjoyable and relaxing day. I demonstrate in order to teach, so you see before you do. Unless otherwise stated all workshops include refreshments/lunch.

“Painting should be a happy experience, not a pressured activity. No artist can paint a masterpiece every time he paints.” ~Lian Quan Zhen

Workshops run from 10am to 4pm and are held at Salt Village Hall, nr Stafford.

For more information or to book a place, contact Sue on 07714100921 or email art@suechatterton.co.uk. Places are confirmed on receipt of cheque/cash for the full amount of each workshop you would like to attend and are on a first come first served basis.

One Day Watercolour Workshops 2020

Workshops are held on a Saturday from 10am to 4pm unless stated otherwise. Workshop fee includes refreshments throughout the day and a two course lunch.
Cost: £55

18th January 2020 –  Sheep    (venue Salt Village Hall)

How woolly is a sheep? Actually 2 sheep. Use water to wash the wool and make it look woolly.
Not just a portrait, the whole sheep.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and those who are more advanced.

22 February 2020 – King Fisher     (venue Salt Village Hall)

How bright is that flash of blue. We see it and it is gone. Kingfishers are not blue!  Blue light has a shorter wavelength compared to the other colours (except Violet). This fact means that blue light is more easily reflected by particles in the feathers back towards our eyes.
Ok, so how do we paint that?

This workshop is suitable for beginners and those who are more advanced.

16 May 2020 – Rhino   (venue Salt Village Hall)

Texture – Dry brush, splatter, plastic wrap, moulding paste and granulating pigments on a rough surface paper –Guess what – this Rhino has rough skin!

20 June 2020 – Forest Deer   (venue Salt Village Hall)

3 Colours, 3 deer. Abstract watercolors are a way of painting based on general shapes or patterns rather than a real representation of things”. Light against dark, dark against light, soft against hard, hard against soft…. Simply Simplify – That’s pretty much it!

12 September 2020 – Ink & Watercolour  (venue Salt Village Hall)

All over the world one sees statues of various people and animals. Statues are wonderful for learning to draw or paint in values instead of colour. Use soluble ink to paint the tones, and then add your colour.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and those who are more advanced

17 October 2020 – African Portrait   (venue Salt Village Hall)

Once you’re able to paint realistic portraits, there’s no subject matter beyond you! Learn techniques specific to portraits. This is a trip down memory lane as I will be using one of the many many photos taken of local people on the South African Painting Holiday.

Whilst this is an intermediate workshop, if you don’t try it – you wont learn……..