Watercolour Classes and Online Services

This post may help to explain the changes being made as the classes that will held at venues in Bradley, Salt, Wedgwood and Weston return alongside the continuing online video based classes that are accessed via the Internet. Paying for a class at one of the venues will give you access to resources and information for the projects being undertaken this term. There will also be access to the videos designed for the online subscription service.

There is a however! The online video course starts two weeks after the project is begun at the painting classes that are attended at the venues.

So by paying for the class at Bradley, Salt, Wedgwood or Weston you get access to the resources included before your project but the way Sue is working this term means she is starting the videos and releasing them two weeks after the class based sessions. So you can download the tracings and see the materials lists before your class but the videos which may just be useful to review rather than do your painting won’t be available until you effectively start the second project. The resources for the first week can be seen now using this link which gets you to the screenshot below
Autumn 2021 Termly Project Menu – Sue Chatterton Watercolours

Normally you will need to use a password once you have click the image on the left. For this project a pile of books.

The click gets you to the following screen

As a member of a Watercolour Class the Resources, Info and Techniques tabs are the ones you will view before each weekly class.

I suppose somewhat confusingly the resources and information are accessed via the same route that someone buying the online internet video based project would use. So you need to find the project via Sue Online on the main menu. However the resources are downloadable from here and the information and materials needed can be viewed online. It is the system that evolved to keep classes going during Covid times and will be familiar to many of you. The videos may be useful to review or catch up if you miss a session but they will be two weeks behind your progress through the term and you will be painting “live with Sue” as it were. Because the videos are part of a product Sue sells they will be protected by password which subscribers get with their invoice but class members will be given by Sue. For first week only you won’t need to enter a password if you click the image on the left of the text on the Autumn Termly Project Menu. Project 2 will appear as the first choice when it is added to the menu.

There is some help in the FAQs section of the website – link below
How do I navigate the project? section has a 5 minute video to explain
Navigating the Project Pages is a text and image based summary
FAQs – Sue Chatterton Watercolours

There is an “and finally” Sue started the online service and added a shop where payments may be made by Cheque, BACS or credit/debit card. Since it first started, we have added the feature of registering as a customer. This can be done at the checkout if you purchase a product or by registering on a page accessed from the main menu as a drop down menu item under Sue’s Shop and is called MY ACCOUNT. You can continue to use the shop’s checkout as a guest but setting up an account has advantages where it retains your address and credit card details if you wish. It allows you to change passwords and email address too. A visit to FAQs has some pages to explain the shop. You can use the same link to FAQs above or just use the top menu.
There are sections titled “My Shop Account”, “How can I make a payment – is it safe?” and “Shop Hints and Tips”
There is also a magic button, OK not magic but on FAQs page, at the bottom, is a button that sends a request for help with the website manned 24/7 (well not quite but Steve the website administrator often referred to as the Webguru is on hand to help with issues like lost passwords or could also take you through registration as a customer if you need it or get stuck.) It looks like this and will in fact work if you need it from here.

Technical Support Request

The Shop Main page has an easy link to the various venue based classes to put in your basket. Look for the map not the image of Autumn Leaves which is the route to purchase an online version if you aren’t wanting a class at Bradley, Salt, Wedgwood. Weston is now fully booked.