Water Rain – Rain Water

A new term, what will it bring? So far it looks like we will be painting with rain water when we start the next term next week?

My tap water is curdling my paints! Often I am asked why a colour granulates when the information on the tube says it shouldn’t.
Until recently I could not come up with an answer.

I live in Stafford where we have a hard water, and the daily chore includes getting rid of limescale deposits on taps, plugs, kettles…..
So the question came up – is this what is affecting the paint?

I started using filtered water to mix with, which improved things – but didn’t stop the unusual granulation of colours. My next test involved a trip to the shop where I purchased some distilled water.

My paints are now posher than I, in that I drink filtered water – but they drink distilled water.

Although the degree of granulation does depend on manufacturer, there is a marked improvement by painting with distilled water.

And so a further conundrum – what if I paint with rain water? How many chemicals and pollutants are lurking about in each rain drop.

My bucket is out and the next experiment is about to start.

If you want to join in in the experiment – its raining outside, collect some rain water and get painting.
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Wishing everyone a very happy 2022 Painting Year whatever it brings.

3 thoughts on “Water Rain – Rain Water”

  1. Might experiment with a little Prosecco later? does it actually have to go ‘in with’ paint?
    Happy New Year!!

  2. Hi Sue ,
    Hope you are well and had a good Christmas .Could you please let me know what times you do at Weston and Wolsey,And when they start again please .Jayne


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