Tubular Bells Ringing

My YouTube Channel will look like this for a time, while the paint is drying on the new banner!

Sue Chatterton on YouTube

Ring out some bells to ring in, not the new year, but an updated YouTube presence. As part of the background changes to the website there has been a subtle change to where the videos are stored and how we can eventually make progression through a series of videos easier. It has also meant that my YouTube Channel can now be more public.

Clicking on the link above will take you to the Channel, where if you have a Google or YouTube account, I would be grateful if you would subscribe to the Channel. It will be where I put previews of new technical tips for example. Currently you can watch a shortened version of Masking Fluid hints and tips which you can see as the full version for free in the Sue Online zone of my website. The video that will launch is a shortened version of the Cheeky Seagull project that you may have joined in with and also what seems like years ago!
A consequence of the background changes is that you will find that if you pause or let a tutorial run to the end it may suggest you might like to view a Masking Fluid Hints and Tips! You may safely ignore this, unless of course you feel the need for a revision course! You’ll get the screen similar to the image below. Press play and it will go away and if at the end of the video just use the normal navigation buttons to return to where you want to be! I’ll blame it on the Webguru, you can’t seem to get the staff lately! In his defense, the Polar Bears Videos do not have this issue and future projects will not have this issue either.