Some Kind Words

A few kind words from Online Subscribers, Weekly Classes and from people who have attended one of my Workshop Sessions which usually take place on a Saturday – Click here for details of upcoming workshops

Class Member feeding back after an Autumn 2021 class
Hello Sue,
Thanks again for the chance to return to the painting in the hall. It was well organised and I felt safe. Hopefully we can return in the New Year but at least we know you can get to us with the online service if things go awry.

Online and Zoom Meeting Summer Term Participant 12th July 2021
I wanted to say the biggest thankyou Sue, I cant believe it is the end of online Summer Term. Your have so much patients with us all, your ethics towards teaching your subject are spot on. The variety of topics you offer is just amazing. We all like different things but you still manage to encourage us to have a go and take us out of our comfort zones. Without your commitment to online class and ZOOM (all that technology to get to grips with) what would we have done? You have kept me sane over this long haul. I get complete pleasure out of painting, my confidence has grown considerably thanks to your tuition. I look forward to September classes already, lets hope they are in person. If not I shall still be logging on to join you.
So…thankyou, thankyou and THANKYOU! Thank you, Sue!

Reply to comments made by Sue to one of her subscribers who submitted a painting for Sue to review June 2021
Hello Sue,
It’s amazing how difficult I found differentiating between what should be hard and what should be soft edges on this project, especially where the shadows were concerned. I have to admit, in some cases, I just resorted to copying yours as closely as I could but I’m fairly pleased with the outcome. It has made me realise that it’s something I need to take a bit more notice of, particularly sketching shadows.
One of my art teachers at school told me that close observation is the key to good drawing, and I believe that to be true, so how have I managed to get to my age without understanding how to define shadows more accurately?
Thank you for, once again, taking me completely out of my comfort zone and helping me to improve.

Zoom and Online Meeting Participant 16th June 2021
Just to say a huge thank you to Sue, for all the projects, past and ongoing, the ZOOM classes too. The classes have been a delight for me and hugely helpful, especially as I have struggled with a few issues this past year, ( as have many of us)!
Sue has , through her teaching given me, my self belief.
She is, through that teaching, helping me to become the artist I am. The skills and knowledge that she has shared, have enabled me to paint in my own style, to paint for myself and to paint with confidence.
I am taking so much enjoyment from all our activities.
I heard a mantra the other day when I was perusing ideas for future paintings, and to me, it summed up the whole ethos of Sue’s teaching.
“Before you start on your art work.. repeat this mantra.
I will be kind to myself.
I will not compare my artwork to that of others.
I will have fun”!
Thank you Sue x

Zoom and Online Termly Subscriber 24th March 2021
I just wanted to say big thank you to Sue for the winter term projects. The variety of challenges and tuition we’ve received from the online tutorials has been brilliant at a time when we’ve all being feeling the effects of what feels like a very long lockdown. The Wednesday morning zoom meetings have added to the fun as well as honing our painting skills and use of colour and different techniques. Your patience and fortitude are legendary Sue. I look forward to the summer term online and maybe, just maybe by the autumn we can return to face to face classes. Happy Easter, enjoy a well earned rest.

Zoom Meeting Participant 16th March 2021
Just to say the most enormous thank you to Sue…. the Zoom activities and all the projects, have made a massive difference to me, in these strange times. They have acted as a mental and physical boost and restored my confidence in so many areas, not just painting! My watercolour painting is one of the greatest joys in my life. Thank you, Sue!

From Zoom follower 27th January 2021
Thanks Sue, I really enjoyed these varied challenges. Your on line tutorials are such a help, it’s great to rewind and go over skills shown many times. Cheers,
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From a participant of the Zoom Meeting 20th January 2021
I wanted to say how much I enjoyed today’s Zoom. It was a revelation to me just how much is possible with the application of water to paint. I found it rather thrilling actually.
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From a clearly dedicated and unpaid follower! January 2021
So much to look forward to and so much to learn…mainly…that nothing we do is wasted …nothing we do is a failure.
We are achieving, we are evolving, we are amazing!!
We have you to thank for that. xx

Feedback from Puffin Project January 2021
This was a bit of a challenge, I painted the background far too dark  but I used your method  a sponge to lift off the paint  I still think it is a bit too heavy, but very much better than it was, looking forward to the next one. 

Returning subscriber January 2021
How your online as moved on, since I last did art with you in June,

Feedback from Puffin Project 2021
I have enjoyed the puffins very much and am pleased with the result. I’m catching up with this Term’s Zoom classes so I’m about to try the snowdrops now.
Your online classes are a Godsend once again so many thanks!

Feedback from a recent project
This was an amazing way to do a tree, and I am so pleased at the way it worked. I’d like to try it without the template as it was so fiddley to cut out. (I did 2, one for practice). I did the sky in cerulean because I found a photo of a J tree with a cerulean sky and it had the wow factor. Orange looked odd with the lavender I used. Perhaps I haven’t the courage to do a flamboyant tropical scene. Anyway, a great project. I don’t know how you think of them. I will email a photo.

Feedback from one of Sue’s regular class members,
Wow, just read Sue’s latest blog about the portrait workshop last Saturday, what wonderful portraits everyone produced, all down I’m am sure to Sue’s fantastic tuition and kind, patient manner.
It’s great the way Sue is  embracing new technology to make sure we can continue with our painting. I’ve attended a one day workshop and also go to the class at Doxey on Tuesday evenings, without Sue’s continued efforts, even if it does occasionally have a blip, we’d all be in the doldrums.
If you haven’t tried a class yet, give it a go, it’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of help. Keep up the good work Sue, looking forward to finishing our Cuban Cadillac.

Wolseley Bridge Centre Course attendee October 2020 (5 or 6 week courses – click here for details)
I have thoroughly enjoyed being back in the classroom at Wolseley. The only trouble is that the time just flies! I am looking forward to the next course and intend to do a bit of painting in between!
You are very patient too Sue!

Feedback from a grateful group and online member October 2020
I always wanted to try watercolour painting but never had the confidence to do so. Eventually I plucked up the courage to have a go and fortunately I joined Sue’s classes on a friend’s recommendation. In the early days I didn’t think I would ever manage to paint anything that was worth looking at but with Sue’s expert guidance and encouragement I gradually made progress. I have gained confidence and love trying all the different techniques and the wide variety of pictures we tackle. The online classes were a saviour during lockdown and still remain a most useful backup to our classes. Thank you Sue for all your help and expertise – a new window has opened in my life.

Feedback from Tutorial Sessions October 2020
Take care & thank you for all your hard work.  I absolutely love watercolour painting & have finally found something that makes me feel relaxed and ‘switched off’.

Feedback following a Workshop 12th September 2020
Dear Sue,    Another great day! We had a lovely time,  it was good to be back in the swing again.  Particularly enjoyed the sunflower….the clingfilm produced some interesting effects and it’s always fun to be messing about with salt and toothbrushes.    And the picnic was a revelation….  Many thanks,  Gill, Catherine and Rosie x

Feedback from and Online Tutorial Project – Summer 2020
“Sue’s online sessions have enabled me to progress with my watercolour painting.  Everything is explained (colours, theory, techniques etc) and I have the satisfaction of producing a painting every week.  I find it useful to follow Sue’s instructions and can practice and play back as many times as I want when trying something new.   Having the tutorials available at any time has meant I can fit them in around other commitments or seize an artistic moment when I feel like painting!  I’ve actually found I prefer painting early in the morning before the day starts – a revelation!.   Mrs C – Acton Trussell

Feedback from an Online Subscriber – Summer 2020
“I bought a month’s subscription for my mother as a gift.  A welcome treat in lockdown.  She has caring commitments and used to paint when she was younger.  The lockdown has enabled her to get back into a long lost hobby. “ 

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