Shopping Guide

Navigating the shop. Here we featured a landscape project that you could read about and buy for an opening price of £6.99 instead of £12.99. This was the price when the shop opened but since then the price point for single projects is £9.99. This is the usual price of individual Watercolour Projects unless further coupons are on offer, usually via our Shop Newsletter. Individual Watercolour Projects have a short video clip outlining the content.
If you are familiar with online shopping you’ll find the processes here pretty similar. We don’t have too much small print other than we add you to a mailing list mainly to help us contact you sometimes with coupons, news or project specific help. You can opt out of this at the first checkout or when you get any future Newsletters from the shop. We use the Mailchimp email service, a “cheeky monkey” icon is its trademark.
for more about this see FAQs first section or click the chimp image, and also our Privacy Policy.

Whilst the top of the shop home page will change, projects will be found listed under these three main headings. There will be new individual projects added throughout the year so subscribe to Mailchimp or to the posts to get news of new releases. Use a Debit Card, Credit Card or BACS via the shop to get the details of where to look for the project and receive an invoice with relevant links and passwords. Cheques of course will take longer to process and send a final invoice with passwords and details of how to access the projects. FAQs has a section where you can see how to navigate an online project. Please note that Watercolour Workshops take place at a physical venue in Staffordshire, usually Salt Village Hall.

Like most shops you’ll find a grey text link which lets you navigate back to the shop or here from an area with landscapes projects back to the Shop or to the Watercolour Projects area. This area lists Portrait or Wildlife based projects as well as Landscape ones.

Have a look at a Project on offer and watch a video clip if there is one. If you like it then add it to the basket. If there is a coupon code then the entry routine is pretty simply but don’t forget to apply it.

Add your item to the basket in the normal sort of online shop routine, enter the code, and apply the code. It will apply the code and off to the checkout. It won’t apply the code in this case because the coupon is no longer valid

If you lose your basket for any reason there is a button that will find it on the main shop page and if necessary use the red cross to remove unwanted potential purchases.

Jump through the hoops at the checkout. The Credit or Debit Card option will get you a link to the project and the password in an invoice. It is powered by a similar system to PayPal and the transactions are secured by our provider “Stripe”. Its all in the T&Cs of course. The BACS or bank transfer will send two invoices, one will have bank details and once the payment is received then you’ll get a second invoice with the link and password.
Please allow us to add you to a different mailing list that we will use to announce special offers and new projects. You won’t get pestered all that often, Sue’s too busy doing other things. It also means we will be able to contact you with any hints for a particular project if we need to. There is a difference between this blog/post and the Shop Newsletter. You can read about it here in the first item of FAQs

Your privacy and data is important of course and no credit or debit card details are held on this site. We retain only that required to process the sales and our legal responsibilities as outlined in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies. We will never sell your details to 3rd Parties, ever! We are trying to make administration easier to allow Sue to concentrate on the tutoring and painting. If you need help with the technology just ask, nowadays probably any children you know! will get to us or or phone or use a contact form. This one will do Contact Sue