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Normally you would have choices to move on but this is a free sample from the second week of an 10 part video project.

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    This video is part of a watercolour tutorial and is what you would find either as part of a termly subscription service or a single watercolour project which can be purchased in my shop for £12.99. Termly membership gives you access to the online area of my tutorials while your membership is paid up to date. You will continue to have access to the tutorials once the term is up. A term runs on similar calendar to the three main school terms in Spring Summer and Autumn /Winter, projects becoming live on a Tuesday of each week. There are usually 11 weeks in a term. The payment is £60 due termly in advance. On receipt of your payment, you will be issued with a password. This password will change with each term.

    Each project can be made as a series of several short videos, which you may find as one video split into chapters. The navigation is often by buttons. You can pause and replay each video as many times as you like. The free sample accessed below is part of a series. Projects will have an introduction, materials lists and access to downloadable resources. The sample video has a Venetian theme and looks at the way to produce a colourful mask with limited colours. The whole Venetian Mask Project can be purchased in the shop using the shop link on the main menu.

    As you see from the ending I encourage feedback using forms usually accessed using a button on most video pages. There is one below which you can try you can return, after filling in the form if you like, by using a back button on the form page.

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    You can subscribe to my termly service via the button below or via my shop. Feel free to contact me for more information, please use the contact button at the foot of this page.

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    Sadly there is no video 2 or refreshing drink! The termly service often is organised with a project lasting two weeks. Here you would find the video for that second week of two? Instead here an image of some masks in a shop front in Venice which is the title page of the project you can purchase from my shop! Use this handy link to get to the shop!