Projects New Format

The observant ones amongst you will note that I’ve started to use passwords not password when talking about access to the Summer 2021 projects! There is still a main menu to access the week’s project but this does not need a password to access the menu. The projects have been set up in a self contained way. We have made a single page for each of the one or two week projects. Each project will have a different password. Over the video window is a set of options Video 1 and sometimes Video 2, Resources, Help Request, Info

The videos will have chapters and introduce techniques, colours and equipment needed but you will find the Info button also has the details of materials, colours, brushes, and techniques used in the project. It also lists the aims of the project. You will find the download files for the tracings and images via the resources button. A feedback form is also here which lets you send a request to Sue for some help.

There is a video to explain how to get around the new format by clicking here. You will also find some hints and tips in the new FAQs section on the website main menu. The video in the link is also found in FAQs.

For example this is the first project for Summer 2021 and shows that you will have two videos for the project which Sue intends to spread over two weeks. There is an advantage to this new format because you will be able to review both videos in week two by simply swopping between Video 2 and Video 1 with the respective buttons. Do pause the one you are leaving though before swopping or you will be playing both of them! We’ve already recognised this possibility and it is an item in FAQs even though it isn’t a question that we’ve ever been asked yet and certainly therefore not a Frequently Asked Question!

These are the results of pressing the Info button for this project and the Resource Button