Oops – where did the summer go – an important notice

If you have not had an email from me – could you email me to let me know art@suechatterton.co.uk

I have sent the email about Boscobel House (which we are visiting tomorrow). I may have missed someone. For this reason I am sending it out in a blog.

Previously I decided that I could not make scones – someone very kindly gave me a lovely book on scones and I can safely say I think I have now mastered them.


My new project

I need to master carrot cake. – Not so easy because you have to

grate the carrot – not a nice job – anyone know where you can buy pregraded carrot
make the icing – not as easy as butter icing

I am hoping I will have lots of guinea pigs to sample the carrot cake and give me some feed back.

If you have not let me know in one form or another which class you are coming to – or if you want to join a class – please contact me direct or through my website –

Contact Sue

Payment for classes can be made, in person at class or via bacs on my website from Friday –

So looking forward to seeing everyone at class next week. –