Oops 3 1/2 days to go

9th December seems such a long time ago, so much has happened. Lockdown, tier 3 and now, oh horror, not tier 4 again.

But that’s not what this is about. On the 9th I issued a challenge which was to pick up a pencil, paint brush or your chosen mark maker every day until the 4th January.

This meant 26 days…..

I have to confess I havnt quite made it but I have had a jolly good try.

For those who are struggling for inspiration here are some images that I have taken over the past few days.

A suggestion do the same image more than once but in different mediums to see the different results. For example use a wax crayon, a pencil and then try using your non-dominant hand.

After all even van Gough learnt by doing the same subject time and time again.

Please email me some of your work for next Wednesday’s zoom.