Thank you for expressing an interest in my subscribed on-line tutorials.

Termly membership gives you access to the online library of my tutorials while your membership is paid up to date. You will continue to have access to the tutorials once the term is up.
Past projects will be available on my website at my discretion.

Projects will cover a range of genre and tutorials will be done as if we were in a class situation – as far as is possible. Projects are designed for the beginner to intermediate watercolourist.

A term runs concurrently with my class dates, projects becoming live on a Tuesday of each week where there is a class in that week. There are 11 weeks in a term. Payment is £60 due termly in advance. On receipt of your payment, you will be issued with a password. This password will change termly.

The password is user and term specific and may not be shared.

There is no minimum contract and you can cancel at any time by email.

Tutorials will guide you step by step through the project. Resource materials are available to download from my website or by email upon request.

Projects will be done simulating a class environment and are designed to give you approximately 2 hours painting instruction per week, allowing you to work at your own speed, stopping and starting where necessary. Projects will run over 1 or 2 weeks, dependent on the subject.

On-line help is available via email or WhatsApp or of course you can phone me.

Payment is by cheque or BACS.

S Chatterton
Sort Code 40-43-03
Account number 82028042

Please request my address to post cheques to, by email.

I look forward to accompanying you on your watercolour journey

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