My Bag – is it a part of me

Friday at Sandon Hall

I have a ‘bag’ that comes on outdoor days, sketch walks, painting holidays – every time I use it, I think I should change it. Taking this photo on Friday during our sketching morning at Sandon Estate it occurred to me that maybe it has come to be a bit of a trademark. What do you think?

Is it too much a part of me to replace?

Enough on the bag. Once again my weather forecast proved correct and a small group of us enjoyed a morning drawing at Sandon Estate.

I arrived early so as to provide a beacon for people to find. Find me they always do. Interestingly, that’s where mostly stay.
While I sat waiting, watching people walking down the hill towards me, I did an interrupted sketch of what I could see – obviously nobody was arriving at this moment!

Study of a thistle
There were those who were more confident
A lot of drawing happening here!

And those who played chicken with the farm vehicles

There was a fair amount of productive drawing that took place.

My idea in going to Sandon Estate was to draw the old Farm house which is mostly derelict now, but that is what attracts me.

Unlike true Urban Sketching I did not complete my sketches on site and will be adding colour to the farm house on the right. But, in my defense we were in the countryside.

The morning was completed with a coffee served by the lovely staff at the Dog and Doublet who took pity on us. We were supposed to order using a QOR app of some sort, but as none of us had it on our phones and were far too desperate for a coffee to work it out (note how diplomatic that comment is) – they came to the table outside and took our order.

Anyone wanting to join in the sketching banter this week, we are meeting at the Moat House, Acton Trussell at 10am on Wednesday (12th Aug). There is a coffee/drink involved here as we are sitting in their grounds doing anything from the building, plants, ducks, canal – you name it, it is there.