Mouse Angelo Rides into the Rhino Workshop

Saturday saw the second water colour workshop since restrictions have relaxed. Mouse Angelo was so excited he couldn’t wait for the car to get there and summoned Wilkie to help get him to Salt –
After all, we was presiding over the workshop and had an important role to fill.

The day was based on texture and what better animal to paint than a Rhino.
Images went from this…….

As with all Sue Chatterton Watercolour workshops – lunch is an important event – Lunch was based on traditional South African recipes and included Babotie, Bunny Chow and Malva Pudding.

The day went quickly, time always does when you are having fun. At the end of the day we put all the paintings up for the great reveal and what a reveal it was. I am posting some images, have a look at the website gallery for the full display. Paintings below and on the workshop were done by those attending the workshop.

Texture paste – a revelation to many on the workshop. We will be having further plays with this medium.

And then at the end of the day…. comes the great clean up.

“Thank you for another excellent workshop. I will do the bigger picture later in the week, I shall play with the colour, I like the colour on the face of my rhino, but I also liked the grey rhinos, I will also do something with the background, possibly textured grasses using tissue paper”

Which brings me to a question –
background or no background – what do you think?

Fancy trying a workshop –
In a full day you can complete a painting which is very satisfying. The next workshop is on the 25th September 2021. We are doing a portrait of a little boy. Unlike the Rhino where a lot of free play was given, the portrait will be more structured and a lot of guidance given. It will be around colours, paint application as well as construction of a human face in paint.

It is really not that difficult – if you don’t try you will never know – Have a look at my website where the workshop can be booked and also where you can see the image that we will be painting.