Mouse Angelo makes an appearance

Mouse Angelo has not been out much during lock down. He is missing the painting holidays and his artist friends. I was getting tired of his groaning squeaks. When they changed to pleading squeaks this morning, I took pity on him and took him to Middlewich.

Middlewich sits at the junction of the Middlewich branch of the Shropshire Union Canal and the Trent & Mersy Canal. Mouse couldn’t get lost here. If he followed either canal, he would find his way home.
However, he had other ideas.

Jumping in and out of my back pack – Joy of joys, Mouse found a canal boat just for him.
Not only that but the neighboring boat, was a ‘gin’ boat.

There has to be some education on this trip. After all we should all learn at least one new thing every day.
Walking along the Wardle Canal, the shortest canal in England, we came across a man on his narrow boat making bollards for the sides of the boats. I did ask Mouse to remember the correct name for these items, but like any good mouse, he has forgotten;
The see, do and remember adage does not apply to mice; he forgot even though he helped to make these bollards from the polypropylene rope.

Over stimulation of a mouse brain is not good. Skipping along the canal, refusing to get back into my backpak, Mouse came across some fishermen – before I could catch up, he had made a new friend. There was one problem, he couldn’t understand the concept of bait being fish food, very nearly becoming fish food himself.

Ok so where does art come into all of this?
Having entertained and chased after that mouse all day, I did get some time to sit in the shade at the pub.
I have a new little challenge to self, to draw every cup of coffee I have while I am out. (Oops that may let on how obsessed I am with coffee shops!)