Product and Coupon Newsletters

This is a service that will send very occasional up dates of the availability of a new project or service. It is different to Sue’s Post and Blog service which is really a more easy going News and Views service based on what she is up to or planning or suggestions of topical and inspiration subjects to try. Both email services have routines to unsubscribe at any time. News and views are what appear in the posts area of the main menu above.

It is worth subscribing to both as Sue will use Mailchimp Newsletters to send coupon codes that can be used to obtain discounts on selected products! We take your privacy seriously and our policy is available at the foot of any page, including this one. We have a section that describes each of the two services and a bit in FAQs too.

It is an option to subscribe to the Mailchimp based Newsletter at your first checkout from Sue’s shop, untick it if you don’t want to hear about new products or coupon offers but you can also use the following form to subscribe

You can sign up here below our cheeky little monkey!