July – the start of summer !

Winter jackets, Wooly hats – welcome to summer.

Looking forward, Wednesday is the start of July and a new month of Let’s Create. If you have never done a Let’s Create Channel, why not give it a try. It’s something a little different and gives you a lot of freedom.
Best of all we have a zoom meeting on a Thursday morning which allows us to chat and share interesting discoveries about paint.

Let’s create is open to everyone not only those who attend my regular classes – anyone is welcome; in fact outsiders would be warmly welcomed. All ideas are added to the melting pot. We feed on each other’s ideas – like grass carp.

Never seen what happens in the Let’s Create Channel – have a look at the gallery on the website – preview below.

Go directly to the gallery by pressing the purple button below.

Click the orange button below to subscribe to Let’s Paint or Let’s Create for July.