It’s not a pot wash –

A Water Colour Workshop designed with you in mind

Saturday 25 June 2022

Pot washing is hard work, you’ll have a lot to do, you are bottom of the ranks in the kitchen. Precision is important to keep salmonella away.

You have a low level of responsibility and you are not on show to customers – but your pots are a matter of pride and joy, just like your paintings.

Painting time is like playing scales on a piano. Your skill improves every time you pick up a paint brush.

We never stop learning and improving.

A full day water colour workshop learning how the background can make or break a painting. Create colour through glazing and washes- colour is all important.

Learn the importance of Chiaroscuro, where three-dimensional volume is suggested by the value gradation of colour and the importance of light and dark.

Put on your painting clothes, pick up your brushes and join my next workshop on Saturday the 25th June 22 for a day falling in love with watercolor, a journey into a world of vibrant color, a liquid flow of magic and learn how it can be both both effortless and complex.

This workshop is being held at Sandon Parish Rooms, Lichfield Rd, Sandon, Stafford ST18 0DN and runs from 10am to 4pm

Cost of the workshop is £60 and includes all refreshments and lunch.

Grow your skills and register for a workshop today. Click on the button below or call me on 07714100921.

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1 thought on “It’s not a pot wash –”

  1. Really looking forward to this one Sue!
    The pots have been given a very descriptive introduction, love it!


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