It’s not a Pot Wash we need

It’s a car wash

It’s got bugs and mud, bits of Shamwari and bits of Founders. To top it all we drove through one of many swarms of locusts devouring the crops.

So far no car wash has been found.

BUT talking about washing, how about using alcoholic spirits, reliably whiskey, to paint a watercolour painting with…

‘A genuine whiskey painting consists of painting a miniature piece of art no larger than 4″×5″ with watercolour by dipping your brush in some form of alcoholic spirits, then possibly sipping the alcohol, thereby enhancing the painting’ Whiskey painters America

Does the new term include a whiskey painting?

3 thoughts on “It’s not a Pot Wash we need”

  1. Sounds a great way to paint. Looks like you have done some travelling.
    A wonderful country to visit!xx

  2. Is this for Wednesday, can it be gin as I don’t like whiskey and brandy is to expensive, red wine? ☹️


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