Change was promised & change there shall be

Painted Dogs – In the true sense of the word

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Rhinos need to be loved

Some will know that for some time I have been wanting to do something for wildlife conservation.  At the time my Mom died there was talk about doing some fund raising for save the rhino.  Watch my latest You Tube video for more on this.

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Spring Term

Have you seen the upgraded videos on Spring Term tutorials – Do you know how to get the table of contents up to see the chapters. Available on the March Madness video and on future videos.
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Saturday was World Polar Bear Day.  Did you remember?

Polar bear moms and their newborn cubs are snuggled together in snow dens across the Arctic.  For now they are safe, but how many will survive?

Denning is the most vulnerable time in a polar bear’s life. Under warming Arctic conditions, where polar bears face enormous challenges, the survival of every cub is critically important.

Polar bear cubs are born in winter in dens hidden under the snow. At birth, they are blind, weigh about one pound, and have only a light layer of fur to protect them from the cold. Families remain in the den until spring when the cubs are finally large enough to survive the rigors of outside Arctic conditions.

Have you painted Nanuk?

As we find ourselves at the start of March 2021, a year on from when Steve our Web Guru came to me and said do you need help; Steve (big time) and I are still beavering away in the background. So much work has been put into this online – virtual art site that it can not go to waste. A website that started as a very basic ‘look at my painting’ portal, is becoming more and more sophisticated.

There are more changes to come in the next few weeks. Although the end of isolation is dawning (well we hope so) I am determined that the time and effort that has gone into this website will do further good.