Hug a Teddy

In this virtual world we live in, have you hugged a teddy bear today?

We all  remember the Corona Bear displays during the first lockdown designed to cheer us up as we walked past gardens.  I know I did a lot of garden watching during March last year never dreaming that as March 21 approaches we would be no further forward.

January 21, its cold, wet and dark but having a bear to hug can really cheer you up.

When we cuddle anything soft and comforting like a teddy bear, our body releases oxytocin, a hormone that leaves us feeling calm and soothed.

Even the puffins need a hug – or is he just confused?

On the being kind, teddy bear hugging note – have you looked at ‘kind words’ recently on my website.  This is your page to tell others how you feel about painting the projects I put up on my website.

Kind Words

While you are on the website – have a look at the updated Let’s Paint Gallery, renamed as Sue Online Gallery.  Your gallery to showcase your paintings as well as see what others are up to. There is also a Gallery “Sue Online Past Masters”, where you’ll find some images of paintings produced from previous projects.

View Galleries

The second project of the Spring Term goes live this morning.  Van Gogh’s Fishing Boats on the Beach.  Before you throw your hands up thinking you don’t have oils, I have chosen this one for two reasons.  1. The colours appealed to me and 2. I like the boats. 

Looking at the old Masters, can teach us a lot about colour use.  Don’t give up on them because you don’t like their style.  We never stop learning.

Enjoy Fishing Boats on the Beach and remember to hug a bear.

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