How come rhinos are so big when all they eat are leaves and grass?

Why do we call rhinos black and white – when they are really grey? When we mix black and white together we get grey but that is not the reason.
The white rhino is said to have gotten its name from the Afrikaans word for wide (‘wyd’), referring to its wide, square lip (in contrast, black rhinos have a pointy upper lip). Early English explorers mistook this word for ‘white’ and consequently named this species ‘white’ rhino, and the other ‘black’ rhino to differentiate.

So – total confusion now – How come in the workshop planned for the 31st July 21, we are using Ultra Marine Blue, Brown Madder and Quinacridone Gold?

Humans and Rhinos have something in common – their horns and our nails are made of keratin and both their horns and our hair never stops growing.
Just wondering how Mouse Angelo can compete!

Not only are we playing with colour – we are also playing with texture – so, if you are free, Saturday 31st July 21 there is 1 place left.

See you at Salt.


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