Newsletters and Posts (including that Cheeky Monkey!)

There are two types of email subscriptions. Sue writes a post, News & Views, that may have news about the website, or her current projects or a technical tip or two. It has often had a day by day feedback of a painting holiday or something that she has spotted to inspire you to go out and paint. You can see the variety of Posts from the past from the main menu option “My Posts”. We use JetPack to subscribe to our posts but only your email is retained here. No other personal details are kept or used. You can subscribe to these on the sidebar on most pages in the area titled News & Views.

We also use Mailchimp (The Rocket Science Group, LLC.) to manage our marketing campaigns and newsletter emails–Mailchimp may also collect data concerning the date and time when the message was viewed by the User, as well as when the User interacted with it, such as by clicking on links included in the message–you can read more about how Mailchimp uses your Personal Information here: https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/. You will only be added to our mailing lists if you have registered to receive our newsletters / email updates, or you have made a purchase from the website. At the footer of every email we send you there will be a link to update / view your details, and a separate link to unsubscribe from our mailing list. You use the same method to unsubscribe from the posts/blogs sent via JetPack. The Mailchimp logo is the Cheeky little Monkey and is widely used on websites of all kinds. Clicking the Cheeky Monkey Image will take you to the shop Newsletter subscription form.

Does the website work on any device – Phone menu problems?

It is really best viewed on a tablet or PC. Yes it does work on any device, but if you are on a phone that can show you a desktop version it is easier to navigate but you need good eyesight or a large phone! It is best on a PC, Laptop or Tablet. The shop works too on a phone. Look also for refresh on your browser to avoid “cached” pages. Some menu items have sub-menus and you maybe need to “pinch” the screen in to find a down arrow icon which leads you to a sub-menu. Tuition is one item with sub-menus. You may find you can “swipe” the view to the left and find the sub-menu arrows.
You may even find that just turning the phone to landscape and back to portrait reveals the drop down arrow to show the sub-menu options?
You can click on the image for a post that tries to explain this.

There is a post with some screenshots to try to explain this if you click on this text.

You may find that some menu items do not appear on a phone or that the pages don’t seem up to date. I’m afraid this is due to the fact that phones retain old versions of a page to save your data allowances. It makes sense to clear old pages by clearing your browser’s cache. On android phones you can do this by Settings>Apps>Chrome (or other browser) and you’ll see an option under the main part that will probably have the option to Disable or Force Stop. Look for an option “storage” and click to find the option “clear cache”. You can always get the children or grandchildren to sort this for you!!

There is a post with some screenshots to try to explain this if you click on this text.

Sue Online has disappeared!

Gutentor Simple Text

Well not quite, the 2021 projects are still available by selecting a sub item on the Tuition menu. If using a phone in portrait mode there are issues with some phones not displaying the drop down menu in Portrait mode see the FAQ about viewing on different devices. Click Tuition and select Sue Online. Sue Online for 2022 will return to individual projects currently priced at £9.99. The list of available projects is in the shop and will be added to throughout the year.

Online Projects – How to purchase using the Shop
How do I navigate the Project Pages?

Pretty easy and you can select chapters on the play bar, change the volume, change the speed, submit a help request, download resources and review colours and materials required for the project and information about what you will learn and what techniques you will use. On some videos there may be a link to a technical tips area of the website.
There is even a 5 minute video here to show you!

Navigating the Project Pages

The current layout for the online projects. You can read about it here.
Click here or the image to access a preview

Shop Hints and Tips

I lost my basket!, sometimes happens if you get as far as view basket and want to continue shopping. The shop front page has a button to help recover it. Use the red cross in a basket to remove anything you don’t want.

Navigating the shop uses breadcrumbs! Honestly, that’s what the link in grey text is called that you find when going around the shop pages, think it is a throwback to one of the children’s stories. You could go to the shop in the example below or back to an area called Watercolour Projects from where you are in Landscape specific projects.

We have a Shopping Guide here to help, just click the “Landscapes” box above

My Shop Account

You can create an account for the shop to view your orders. Recent new customers could register with their first order. If you were an early shopper then you can register for an account via the link below. Use the same email and name as on your first order. If the shop raised the first order on your behalf use the same email and name as on your invoice and the order will be added for you. The account will be activated by the shop so is not immediately available. The first image below is the login or register page accessed via My Account under Sue’s Shop on the main menu. The second tells you what you can do in your account area. The last image shows Steve’s purchase history and the “View” button allows you to see the actual order. Click this link to get straight to My account or choose from the main menu

Technical Help and Support including lost passwords for My Account or problems accessing Shop as registered customer

If you have any website problems or with accessing your shop account or ordering via the shop you can email the site’s technical support using the email: admin@suechatterton.co.uk queries are usually answered the same day or even hour! You may be offered telephone support to talk you through any issues. There is also a contact form that you can access via the button at the end of the FAQs which incidentally may answer any issue you have.

Typical issues are lost passwords, and returning customer issues again usually associated with lost passwords. The person manning the technical support is very tame and has years of experience sympathetically answering questions about technology! “To err is human, to really foul things up requires a computer!”

How do I access what I buy or subscribe to?

When you buy or subscribe via the shop you will get an invoice after paying at the checkout. Paying by debit or credit card means an invoice will be sent almost instantly in most cases and it will have the access details as a link to click or paste in a browser and password(s) required. If you lose the invoice or the password just contact Sue with your details and she will sort you out. If you use the link there is a page on the Sue Online Menu that lists the products currently available and clicking the image will take you to the password page that accesses the project.
This link will take you to that page

How can I make a payment – is it safe?

By credit card, debit card or BACS.
We use Stripe (Stripe Inc.) as our payment processor – you can read more about how Stripe uses your Personal Information here: https://stripe.com/gb/privacy The key part is that you are a customer and as the link to Stripe’s Privacy statement says, “If you are a Customer, Stripe will generally not collect your Personal Data directly from you”. We use personal data in our order processing and never export lists to Third Parties. You can read more in our T&Cs. What you need to know is that you can use debit, credit via the shop checkout protected by the Stripe Payments system, or BACS payments with the standard protection of the banking system. This system asks you before making a transfer to ensure that the payment is not because of a spam email or telephone call.

I am a beginner will the tutorials be right for me?

There are projects suitable for all abilities, whether you are a complete beginner, new to watercolour or a have basic and intermediate skills. The product descriptions in the shop indicate techniques covered, materials needed and skill levels required. Sue is always available to contact for help and the individual projects have a handy contact form to ask for help accessed by a button above the video playback area..

Technical Tips for free

Some Free Technical Tips for you

Tech Tips Tech Tricks - how to

Have you a sample tutorial I can try for free?

Yes of course but just part of one! If you click the image below it will take you to one.

I can hear two videos running at the same time!

This happens if you are part way through one of the videos on the buttons and switch to one on a different button without pausing the video first. It can be useful to have two video running if you want to check back on a chapter from a previous video. You need to pause the one you are currently viewing before switching to a previous one.

How do I adjust the speed of a video?

Use the pause button on the left to stop the playback at any point
Use the gear wheel to access the speed control menu. Above the line Sue slows below she speeds up!

How can I move through the video?

Skip to where you left off with our video chapter markers. Blobs on the line will reveal what the chapter content is if you hover with a mouse, or tap on a phone or tablet. A list appears when you click or tap the icon to the right of the gear wheel and to the left of the full screen button. There is also a volume control in the standard increasing vertical bar format.

Technical Support Request