What’s Happening in Weston Park and Morocco?

So much is going on, we’ve had another workshop, and some contributions are in the Gallery here I have a real life exhibition happening at The Granary, Weston Park, on the A5, and we are going on a virtual trip to Morocco. This was a visit to a place producing Argan Oil. Argan oil is a plant oil produced from … Read more What’s Happening in Weston Park and Morocco?

Phone Displays

The website isn’t working on my phone! It is, I check it regularly on my Android phone, however we have a couple of BUTS! (See also FAQs for a synopsis of this) Phones aren’t really the best to view a website like this because you are looking at detailed images on a really small screen. … Read more Phone Displays

Autumn 2021 Online Watercolour Video Service

Sue’s Autumn online watercolour class begins on 14th September. It is important to note that the videos are not available for download and are streamed using your internet connection. Resources, however, are downloadable. The Autumn Online Subscription Service is available for purchase now via the online shop. Payments may be paid by BACS, Cheque or … Read more Autumn 2021 Online Watercolour Video Service

Mouse goes fishing

Lampuki is the Maltese name for the dorado a kind of fish that migrates past the Maltese islands during the autumn. Feet in the sea which comes right up to the buildings, a pickup pulled up piled high with palm fronds. When one doesn’t know, you ask… Fishermen cut and gather the larger, lower fronds from palm trees which they then weave into large flat … Read more Mouse goes fishing