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I am self taught; but continue to learn by attending workshops and classes, reading avidly and experimenting with paint. The more I use water colour the more intrigued I become with the qualities of the medium.  My personal work is animals and portraits, with an emphasis on wildlife and portraits for exhibiting: I take on domestic pet commissions.

In my weekly tuition groups, I teach and demonstrate a number of genre.  I run a series of weekly classes for the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust at their Headquarters in Staffordshire. Sharing with my students allows me to impart the joy, sense of freedom and release that I get from painting, whilst at the same time encouraging them to put their own style and personality into their work.

Why watercolour? –  I love the medium and the interaction with people. I honestly believe that with practice and perseverance, anyone can paint.  I try to impart the transparency of water colour; its ability to paint itself, which is so unique to the medium. In my teaching I keep to my ethos which is ‘what you do must be fun’, and in so doing inspire my students to move on to new levels.

I attempt to infuse joy into my paintings often making them slightly ‘quirky’.  In so doing I put my inner self into my animal paintings which are often portraits as opposed to landscapes containing animals.

Exhibitions are important to me and I have exhibited, and continue to exhibit in Botswana, South Africa and the UK, most notably the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art (NEWA) and have work in private collections across the world. I encourage my tuition groups to share their work and organise exhibitions and online galleries.

As a member of the Birmingham Watercolour Society,  and past President of the Stafford Art Group, I keep actively learning and sharing.

Anyone wanting to know more about myself, my work or my classes, is welcome to contact me on my mobile 077141 00921 or via the contact form below.

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