Baking block vs painting block

Are they one and the same. In my little world painting and baking go hand in hand.

As I sit typing this blog, I am in a car park surrounded by bin lorries.

This happened while I was engrossed in my thoughts. I looked up and was hemmed in. I couldn’t go anywhere if I tried. (Too late I should’ve taken a photo). The bin men had left their wagons, gone off, but as I look up becoming aware of my situation I see them sauntering back with steaming cups of coffee and paper bags filled with bacon butties.

I was hemmed in and confined.

The men, having eaten their breakfasts, shouted new year wishes to each other, have now driven off.

Over thinking this situation; are the bin lorries symbolic of 2020? The shouts for best wishes in 2021 blowing away the virus and the clear view I have once again, a good omen for 2021!

Three good things come out of the end of 2020, snow on the ground, the nights are getting shorter and we can paint.

Online painting classes start on Tuesday 5th with a live class every Wednesday on zoom. Full details are on my website, choose “Sue Online” or click the button below to subscribe.

Let’s make 2021 a year of new artistic adventures. Plan to do something you have not done before

like enter a competition.

Start an art journal to record favourite colours, cut out pictures or patterns that inspire you.

At the start of 2021, let’s make painting fun.

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